Friday, April 27, 2012

Fitness Friday Week 7 Review

It ocurred to me that I do not have a definite end time to this fitness challenge.  I do think that I have made working out a habit again, which was really my main goal.  So, I think that after 10 weeks, I will discontinue the weekly updates.  However, in order to continue to motivate myself to workout, I want to do one fitness post at the beginning of each month, just for my own sake.  This past week was a good one.  Going to those group fitness classes at the gym is fun, so I think it was easy to meet my goal this week.  I worked out 5 of 7 days.  I can see a big improvement in my endurance when working out now.  Today, I did my Jillian Michael's workout, and it had started to become too easy.  I increased the weight for my hand weights, and that made a HUGE difference.  Glad to know that I can still challenge myself with that video.  I ate dessert once, I think.  I didn't pay much attention, but we just had no dessert-type things around the house, so that made it easy.

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