Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fitness Post- Weeks 8 and 9

Okay, this post is looooong overdue.  During weeks 8 and 9, I worked out minimally (3-4 times a week).  My eating was also mediocre.  However, my friend Jessica came to the rescue as I found myself in a lazy period when she asked me to be her fitness accountability partner!  We plan to report to each other each week about our eating and exercising goals and try to keep each other motivated.  Also, Ryan and I joined the Y this past week, so I am excited to start going to more classes!  It helps that he is about to be on summer break (done next Thurs.), so we will have more family time and time to workout.  The nice thing about the Y is that there is no contract, so we could stop our membership at anytime if we decided we weren't using it enough or that we didn't want to afford it.  It costs $42 a month for our whole family, which isn't too bad.  I am also excited to take the girls to the pools this summer.  They have great indoor and outdoor ones.  The girls got new swimsuits this past weekend, and they are SO cute in them.  Can't wait to take some pics of them playing in the water!

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  1. I am so proud of you! You amaze me. Taking such good care of Ryan and your girls, working shifts to make extra money, and you still manage to find time to eat right and exercise! Regretfully, I lost steam along the way on the exercising part of things, for which I now am paying the price. It is soooo much harder to lose weight and get in shape now at this age. Starting that awareness and those good habits while you are young will not only benefit you now, but will definitely pay off when you are older! Yay for you!!!