Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I stole this cute idea from a mom of twin girls.  This costume was really easy to put together.  I found a tutu tutorial and made the tutus.  The bread on the girls' shirts is just cardboard from a box and white paper.  If I did it again, I would use felt because the girls kept pulling the bread off of their shirts, and felt wouldn't tear through like cardboard.  We went trick or treating in a neighborhood with some friends, and I think the girls really liked it!  They looked so cute too.  Here are some pics of my peanut butter and jelly girls.  I only got a couple, and Sophie has been making this goofy smile when you tell her to smile for a picture.  Oh well! She is a funny girl!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lately at our house

I had taken a bunch of pictures recently that don't necessarily go together, but they are all too cute not to post. 

First up, the girls posing on the couch in new outfits from Grandma:

Next, random ones of girls around the house:

playing in shaving cream for our "Parents as Teachers" visit

She is SOOO happy!

Sophie is a little more hesitant to get messy, but she eventually loved it too.

The play kitchen also converts to a car with the faucet as a steering wheel.  Who knew?

And finally, Sophie's "big girl bed." She has done really well staying in it at night.  She even waits for
me to come get her in the morning like she did in her crib.  Just yesterday, she got up on her own from nap time (and didn't take a nap), but her naps have been hit or miss lately anyway, so it isn't a big deal as long as she still sometimes takes naps.

I was really proud of myself for finding great deals on her bedding stuff.  The mattresses were given to us used from someone we know.  They hadn't been used much and were only four years old.  We even have another set for Sally now.  The bed frame came from Craig's list for $70.  I found the bedding at TJ Maxx.  Quilt $25, Sheet set $15, and sham to match quilt $10.   I love it all! 

close up of fabrics

 I want to add something above the headboard but am going to wait till she's a bit older and won't pull it down or destroy it.