Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fitness Friday Week 5 and other random news.

It might be nice if I posted a fitness Friday update on a Friday.  I never manage to remember though.  Oh well.  This past week was completely off when it comes to fitness.  I was sick/injured for most of it, so I only worked out 2 days.  Now that I say that though, I realize that before this challenge, 2 days of working out would have sounded pretty impressive to me. 

My "injury" was actually a scratch in my eye.  It happened before I left to go to work on Tuesday night, and I ended up having to leave early because of it.  Word to the wise, when retrieving toys that your children have thrown from a floor a/c vent, make sure the air flow is OFF!  I never realized how debilitating it can be to have a hurt eye!  It seems so small and unimportant, but it kept me from doing anything for a few days.  I had to have a patch on it, and all I felt capable of doing was sitting somewhere with both eyes closed.  (Turns out it is hard work to use just one eye to do all of the seeing.) 

I also have a cold which I am getting over but have unfortunately given to Sally.  She is sleeping restlessly in her room right now with a fever.  Poor girl. 

As far as the eating goes, I didn't do so well avoiding sweets.  Actually I didn't really try very hard to avoid them.  My parents were in town visiting, so I couldn't resist my dad's famous chocolate chip cookies (among other desserts).  It was SO fun to have them!  Their last night here was spent in our basement hiding out from the tornadoes.  One actually came through the city of Wichita, but thankfully missed us. 

While they were here, my parents got us a play kitchen for Sally and Sophie, and they LOVE it!  It is actually a retro one from the 80's like what I had when I was little.  It came with all kinds of kitchen play food and gadgets.  My mom also helped me with an "art project" for mine and Ryan's bedroom.  Taking inspiration from my friend Jenna's bedroom, I wanted to frame some pretty paper or fabric to go with our new color scheme.  I LOVE the end result, and will post a picture soon.  My mom has such a knack for decorating.  My dad is a great handyman, and he helped Ryan run some wiring in our basement to be able to replace a light with a pull string to one that is controlled with a switch.  Now all three ceiling lights match, and they look great!  Another picture in the works is one of our newly completed basement project. 

As for this week in terms of fitness, I am not sure if I will be able to work out 5 times, but hopefully at least 4 if I am feeling better tomorrow.  We got a free 2 week membership to a local gym, so I am really excited to take part in the group fitness classes!  I want to try zumba because so many people I know like it.  Here's to a more fit week 6!

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