Thursday, April 12, 2012

Abuelo and Abuela are here!

My parents are in town visiting right now, and we are all having a blast with them here.  Sally is attached to my mom and keeps following her around and laughing out loud to get my mom to look at her and laugh back.  Sophie loves both my mom and dad, but is especially attached to my dad.  She woke up from her nap and they had gone somewhere.  She kept asking for her abuelo (Spanish for grandpa). I haven't posted about the girls in a while so here are a few videos and pics of them.  They are SUCH a blessing and keep us cracking up all the time.   After I started working on this post, I realized that we don't have any pics of Sally from the time my parents have been here.  I will do a post for her in the next couple of days.
This video is of a GIANT stack of blocks Sophie made.  She almost couldn't reach to put the last block on top and then it fell.  It happens pretty quick, so you have to catch the height of the stack right from the start of the video.
Me feeding Sophie and Sally--so thankful they are both great eaters now.
Sophie at Target in a cute outfit her abuela got her.
Sophie and abuelo swinging

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