Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fitness Challenge

I have always been hesitant about whether I would want to post my fitness goals on a blog because if, for some reason, I wasn't able to attain them, I would feel silly for posting them in the first place.  On the flip side, though, posting them could really help motivate me to not be lazy and make it happen.  So, after weighing the pros and cons, I have decided to go for it!  I don't really have any kind of weight loss goals with specific numbers attached to them.  My goals, which may be too general I guess, are to exercise in some form 6 out of 7 days a week and to make healthy choices in regards to eating.  Since I am at home a lot with the girls, most of my working out will be done using workout videos.  I have Jillian Michael's 30-day shred, the P90X series, and 10 minute trainer (a series of workouts also done my Tony Horton of P90X).  I also enjoy running outside, so since the weather will be getting nicer, I hope to do some running from time to time when Ryan is home to stay with the girls.  Tonight I completed 3 of the 10 minute trainer workouts tonight (totaling 30 minutes), and I plan to do the other 2 segments tomorrow.  For me, the keys to being successful in working out are variety and just making time for it.  I really like the 10 minute trainer workouts because I can fit a 10 minute segment in at different times throughout the day if the girls are keeping me extra busy.  I prefer to do it all in one chunk of time, but being a mom doesn't always make that possible.  And for whatever reason, Sally just HATES when I do workout videos.  She can only stand it for about 10 minutes before she starts hanging all over me and crying LOUDLY and UNCEASINGLY until I pick her up or stop altogether and play with her.  Sophie will usually join in and copy what I am doing, which is cute.   As far as my goal in regards to eating, I feel like I generally make good choices about what I eat.  My downfall is definitely sweets, so it may be hard to resist that craving.   I do feel that indulging in foods you really enjoy from time to time is acceptable.  I just don't need to eat those foods every day.  Since this goal is somewhat broad and general, it may be harder to measure.  I just don't want to start making rules for myself about what I will or won't eat.  That never works for long and just makes me feel guilty anyway.  I guess I'll see how this first week goes and take it from there.  My plan is to post every Friday about how the week went.  To borrow from a blog I read whose author is doing something similar, I am going to call it Fitness Friday!  Check in next week to see how it is going :)


  1. Hooray for working out. It was nice when you were doing the 10 minute workouts while I sat in the recliner watching :)