Friday, March 30, 2012

Boston Getaway!

I was so blessed to get to visit my friends from college, Jenna and Emily, this past week.  Jenna lives in Boston, and Emily made the trip up from Texas.  I spent four wonderful days getting up when I wanted to, taking a shower and getting DRESSED for the day, sight-seeing in the beautiful city of Boston, and visiting with my sweet friends.  It was Ryan's spring break, so he stayed home with the girls.  I honestly thought he would be dying for me to come home and help him by the end of it, but he actually loved getting to spend all that time with the girls.  When I came home, he told me he was ready for me to get a full-time job so he could stay home with them!  Ha!  The girls really bonded with him a lot, and were asking for him constantly the following week when they would get up and he wasn't there.  I really missed my girls and husband, but it was wonderful to have a little vacation!  So thankful to Jenna for having me!

Of COURSE we had to visit the cupcake shop near Jenna's house!

Me and Jenna with her dog Elsa

Jenna and Emily with Elsa

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