Friday, July 5, 2013

29 weeks

Well, I am a little overdue on posting an update.  We have been busy busy busy, but in a good way.  My parents were here for a week and helped us landscape our front flower beds and remodel our bathroom.  What great parents they are!   We did a lot more work than play though, so next time they come, I plan on doing "fun" things only!  We are almost done with the bathroom, and I will do a post on both our projects soon.

Right now I am at the doctor's office doing a 3 hr. blood glucose test.  This test checks for the onset of gestational diabetes.  I did the one hour test earlier this week, and it was a little elevated (limit is 140, and I was 146), so I have to do this longer one.  The drink doesn't taste too bad if you just take a sip, but drinking the whole thing makes me want to puke!  It is just so sugary.  Thankfully, since I have to have blood drawn 4 times, the lady doing it is a pro and has no trouble finding veins (usually people do with me).  I know next to nothing about gestational diabetes, but have heard that it can usually be managed with diet alone.  I hope I don't have to deal with it, but of all the things that could go wrong, at least this is something very manageable.

Otherwise, my pregnancy is going really well.  All appointments have been normal.  I am measuring around 34 weeks in size (for a single baby) and have gained a total of 20 pounds.  Last appointment, my doctor told me, "Now don't starve yourself!  Eat the good stuff, but don't starve yourself!"  I have hardly been doing that! He sure has changed his tune from the beginning of my pregnancy! I am thankful, though, that I haven't gained a ton of weight considering how far along I am as less weight gain will allow me to carry the twins longer.  They are still growing well too.  Although I am somewhat uncomfortable at times, it pales in comparison to my discomfort during my pregnancy with Sally.  I was just so so miserable so early on.  I know now never to judge by size if someone says they are really uncomfortable.  Pregnancy just affects everyone's body in such different ways.  With Sally, when I was this size, I had so much joint and back pain that it took me about 5 minutes to get in or out of bed or to roll over.  And when I stood up, I had this searing pain down my back and had to take inch-long steps for several feet before I could walk normally.  I felt constant pressure/contractions in my lower abdomen.  I had to be on medication to control that.  Sometimes I felt like all I could do was sit in one place, and even that was uncomfortable.  This time, however, I can get around great and have been able to do most any activity I wanted (minus exercising or working, per my doctor's orders).  I am just so thankful for that!  Especially since there is so much still that I want to get done before the babies come.
29 weeks!  Taken just after a nap, so I was a little sleepy looking :)

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  1. what a pretty little mama! so glad you are doing so well with this pregnancy!