Monday, January 14, 2013

Sally turned 2!

Sally is now 2 years old going on 6!  She is really such a big girl in so many ways.  Here is a little bit about her:
-She is SUPER talkative.  She and Sophie are probably close to the same level of communication abilities, although Sophie's speech is a little easier to understand most of the time.  Both girls are still learning English and Spanish.  They usually default to English when speaking to us, but they have a few sentences they use and tons of everyday vocabulary.  They can, however, understand us completely when we speak to them in Spanish only for instructions or whatever.  We are working on speaking in Spanish only every other day, to hopefully boost their inclination to speak it more often.

-can identify most numbers, colors, and some letters

-She is loving and very compassionate.  When anyone gets hurt, she always wants to kiss and hug them.  Today, every time I cough, Sally asks, "Are you ok, Mommy?"

-In conjunction with the previous one, her love language is physical touch.  She loves to be held and to have her back (or tummy) rubbed.  I was rubbing her back one day and when I stopped, she looked at me and asked, "Wanna touch my shirt again, Mommy?"   She often asks, "Wanna hold my hand?"  She loves to hug and kiss EVERYTHING.  When she discovers something she doesn't know the name for, she asks, "What's that?"  I tell her whatever it is, a clip for the bag of bread, some fuzz on the couch, any random item.  And regardless of what it is, she always says, "Hi ______ !"  and gives it a big kiss.  Lots of times, if you are holding her, she will grab your head with both hands to position your face right in front of hers and give you a big kiss.

- She has some funny little sayings.  She says, "I des it goesn't work." if she is trying to say, "I guess it doesn't work."  She usually omits the "s" at the being of words where the second letter is also a consonent: (s)nowman, (s)nack, (s)tand.  She likes to compliment people's clothing often, saying, "I yike your shirt (uses y sound for l).  All mail is called "mailbox."  She likes to roll up her books into the shape of a newspaper and say, "I made a mailbox! (pronounced, may-yell-box).

-She is very physically adept.  She just has a natural coordination and strength when she throws or kicks a ball.  She can aim well.  She can jump high and run fast.  I think she has inherited at least some of her dad's athletic ability.

-She is and always has been a mama's girl.  If Ryan and I are both here, she often prefers that I hold her or put her in bed.  She does LOVE her daddy too, but I think since she is always around me, I am like her security blanket.  She is very social, but shies away from certain people and immediately runs to mommy for security.  Interestingly, she was a little wary of my sister Amelia over Christmas.  We think maybe it is because Amelia and I look a lot alike, so she was confused about who she was.  Generally, she is comfortable around females and wary of males, including grandparents! 

-Her favorite activities are coloring, swimming, reading, stacking blocks or legos, and CLIMBING on anything and everything. She loves "The Little Engine That Could" and has memorized the first few sentences of the book, just the way we read it to her.  She then tells the rest of the story to herself with the pictures.

 -Lately, if you do something she doesn't like, she very enthusiastically points a finger at you and yells, "You have to go NIGHT NIGHT!!!"    This is not a threat Ryan and I remember giving them, so we aren't sure where she got it.

-We haven't really gotten into potty training much.  She wants to sit on the potty a lot, but has NEVER done anything in it.  There have been times when she gets off the potty only to pee on the floor literally 5 seconds later.  The motivation is there, but maybe the mental readiness is not.  I have tried letting her go all day in underwear so she'd be aware of accidents, but there seemed to be no progress. 

-She is a big and tall girl: 80th percentile for height and 92nd for weight.

-She is just full of joy!  She is really easy-going, and easy to please, loud, curious, mischievous, happy, and boistrous .   Not a day goes by that she doesn't make us laugh out loud.  

Here are some pics and a video of her singing Jesus Loves Me and part of the ABC's (she got a little distracted):

These were some I took one day right before naptime.  The light was pretty and she looked so beautiful.


  1. This post is hilarious. She is such a character! The photos in the light are beautiful of her. I love the video of her singing. So precious! You are such a good mommy to document all of this. I love you! Mama

  2. Oh, and I LOVE the new cover photos of the girls in the chair together with the pink blanket. They are starting to look older. Sophie looks a lot like you here, and Sally looks a lot like Ryan. They are so beautiful.