Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Zoo!

Yesterday our family was just meant to go to the zoo.  Here is what I mean:  The other day, Ryan was thinking he'd take the day off from school.  I started thinking how maybe we should go to the zoo that day.  And then, after we had already decided to go to the zoo, we found out that the zoo has "winter Wednesdays" where tickets are only $2.50.  The girls would be free, so the whole trip would be super inexpensive and super fun!  And it was.  I am thankful God blesses us with fun family time like we had today.  This was the first time either Sophie or Sally had been to the zoo.  Sophie is at the PERFECT age for it.  She already knows a lot of animal names, and she was just fascinated by seeing them in real life.  Sally enjoyed it too, but generally, she just wanted to run around all over the place.  Of course, Sally decided to wake up an hour early today, so around noon, she had passed out in the stroller--sitting up.  This meant that she exchanged her normally 2-3 hour long nap for a 20-minute one in the stroller as we were finishing up our outing.  Sophie also decided not to nap today, so it made for an interesting evening to say the least!  They both went to bed earlier though, and are now sound asleep.  One funny thing to note-- Sophie and Sally are both learning English along with some Spanish (Ryan and I both speak it fairly well).  So, a lot of the animal names that Sophie knows are the Spanish ones.  It was funny to see peoples' reactions as they listened to her repeat the name over and over in Spanish.  I am sure some were thinking, "sweet girl, she is calling it something strange!" while others who spoke Spanish may have been wondering how our completely caucasian family came to teach our children the Spanish names for the animals rather than the English ones.  Oh well.  Here are some fun pictures.  We didn't take a whole lot, but we did get the "elefantes," Sophie's favorite.

 Just an extra one of Sally showing off her new rug.  We got more photos of Sophie than Sally at the zoo.

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