Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Random assortment

Tonight I came home from work and found that my husband had cleaned the kitchen (including mopping and cleaning the high chairs)!  What a guy!  I was so thankful, since that is how I had planned to spend the rest of my evening.  So instead, I got some other cleaning done, looked over our budget this month (it is going well, btw!), and then had a little time to do a blog post before I go to bed.  Here are some cute things Sophie is saying these days (more for my memory than anything). 

Sophie sayings:

Sit with me (pronounced si-me).  She says this when she wants to sit in your lap and read a book.

I love you (pronounced I-yu-you).  We tell her this throughout the day and she will repeat it back.

It's a _______.  This is what she says all day long to name any item or tell you something she wants.  Example:  Sophie, "It's a puzzle."  Me, "You want a puzzle?"  Sophie (yelling), "It's a PU--ZZLE!!!"  Me, "Ok, you want a puzzle."  Sophie, "It's a want."  Me, "Yes, you want a puzzle."  Sophie, "It's a want."   The funnier thing is when she says "It's a want" without telling you first what she wants.  You can ask her what she wants or say, "what do you need?"  She will go back and forth between "It's a want" and "It's a need."  Usually pointing helps in this situation.

"It's a oatmeal."  This means she wants to help feed herself whatever food you are giving her (usually yogurt or applesauce since I still spoon feed her these things).  One time she was eating oatmeal and I let her help with the spoon, so now, whenever you get out food, if she wants to help, she says, "It's a oatmeal."

Sally doesn't have as many "sayings" at this point, but she repeats EVERYTHING you say!  It is so cute how her little words come out sometimes.  I need to get some on camera.

And then here are some pics of the girls "dressing up."  They like to get all the bows out of their drawer and want me to put them on them.  Too bad they don't wear them longer than a few minutes!

Sophie looks so old to me here!
Sally is such a camera girl.  She always has the BEST smiles (see below and above!)


  1. I just want to HUG you and those sweet girls! Wish I was there to share those precious moments. But what a blessing it is to be able to read about them and see the photos! Thank you for doing this blog! Way to be a great husband and dad, Ryan!

  2. Lol! It's a want, it's a need!!! That is hilarious!