Thursday, February 16, 2012

Snow Day

Sophie and Sally got to experience snow for the first time the other day.  Sophie loved it, but Sally was not a fan.  Sally didn't like the insecure footing the snow provided, and I think she felt a little stiff in her snowsuit.  We were probably outside a grand total of 5 minutes.  It was pretty cold, and Sally wasn't enjoying herself.  On our way inside, Sophie was crying because she didn't want to go in (and flailing her body all over the front porch) while Sally was crying because she didn't want to be outside.  And to top off this comical scene, I fell into the house (no one was hurt) while trying to get them both inside.  I thought to myself, "Well, THAT was fun, wasn't it."  I wonder how many times moms say that to themselves after finishing what they had envisioned to be "fun experiences" for their kids?!  Haha!  Here are some pics.


  1. Sally looks hilarious in her "snowsuit!" I wish I could have been here to play with you all!!

  2. This story is hilarious! I can just picture all the work and anticipation that went into getting them suited up for this, only for it to flop after 5 minutes! Haha! Been there. Done that! But you certainly roll with the punches better than I did!

    1. Thanks for all your comments! I love reading them!

  3. I just laughed out loud at these pictures!! I Love them...watching Sophie grow is amazing!!

  4. It really is amazing! She is such a big girl now!