Wednesday, September 4, 2013

False Labor and almost 38 weeks

Well, last Saturday night, I had my first experience with false labor.  My doctor told me not to "dilly dally" in getting to the hospital if I had regular contractions at least 5 min. apart for an hour.  Since my cerclage was still placed at the point, then my cervix was at risk for tearing if I started to dilate much.  I definitely wanted to avoid that, so to the hospital we went.  I was also having a lot of shaking, as if I were really cold.  I thought that was unusual, so I figured I probably was in labor.  Once a the hospital, the contractions continued regularly, but then slowly tapered off.  I was so disappointed when the doctor told me I could go home.  My doctor wasn't on call, so I guess it is good that I still have the chance to have him deliver the babies.  He IS on call this weekend, so hopefully they will come then.

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday to have my cerclage removed (not fun), and then came back today for a sonogram and just to talk to him about what is to come in the next week.  Babies hadn't grown much. A is 6 lb. 5 oz. still, and B was up to 5 lb. 14 oz.  They are both still head down (yay!) which means that a vaginal delivery is still quite possible.  Today, the doctor told me that I should plan for that, but wanted me to be aware that a c-section might end up happening, depending on how the babies do.  Apparently, when you are this far along in a twin pregnancy, labor can go a little more slowly and inefficiently.  So, if the babies tolerate a longer labor, and as long as my body keeps labor going enough to be productive, then a normal delivery shouldn't be a problem.  If their heart rates drop, if the second baby turns, or if my body isn't handling labor well, then I might have to have a c-section.  My next appointment (hopefully I won't have to keep it!) is on Tuesday.  I'll have a sonogram again and then the doctor will "strip my membranes" and perhaps stretch my cervix.  Sounds like a blast.

I am trying to stay positive and content during this waiting period, but it is tough!  I have to remind myself that I am THANKFUL to have progressed this far, even though it is so tough on my body. I said my goal was to make it to September 1st, which I have!  I am praying that they come sometime during this week or weekend.  My mom's birthday is on Saturday, and my sister's is on Sunday, so one of those days would be a great day for them to come.  I am also praying for a smooth and safe delivery with no c-section.  This weekend, we are scheduling a date night (thanks for the idea Ashleigh!), so that if we have no babies, we'll at least have something to look forward to.  My mom's flight leaves on Wednesday, so I am really hoping they come before then!  She has been such a blessing to us this whole time, and I would be so sad if she had to leave before meeting the twins.

And finally, on a funnier note, I am noticing that I am the object of quite a bit of public staring.  My close friends will tell you that I am not the best at hiding my own staring at someone else, and I can now see why this is a problem!  Today this girl at the Y totally stared me down the whole way as I walked toward where she was sitting and then turned her head to watch me walk away from her.  It was MORE than obvious.  There are lots more incidences of more subtler staring wherever I go.  People ask me when I am due all the time.  I think I need to wear a sign that says, "Yes, I do know that I look very pregnant." or "You don't have to stare."  I guess I should get used to more attention out in public though, since I have been warned that people flock to twins like crazy, and that you can't get much done as far as shopping, etc. without having to talk to lots of people about your twins.


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  2. You are in our prayers Holly and Ryan. you are almost to the finish line. or should we say the "start" line! Prayerful for a normal delivery and soon!