Sunday, May 5, 2013

20 weeks!

I am 20 weeks today, and I certainly look it (at least 20 weeks anyway).  We go to the doctor tomorrow for our sonogram that will confirm the gender.  I am really excited!  I am still feeling good.  I am currently working 4 shifts a week, and that is pretty much all I can handle.  I think I will be cutting back soon for sure.  I have started to feel movement more frequently.  It is just crazy to think there are TWO in there!  I can remember exactly how Sophie looked when she was born at 25 weeks.  When I get that far in this pregnancy, it will be crazy to imagine two little newborn premature Sophies inside me.  I have been reading lots of articles lately on the Kermit Gosnell trial and just abortion in general, and it baffles me to think that some people don't consider babies at this age real people!  If anyone spent a few weeks in the NICU watching those amazing babies grow and develop, their minds would have to be changed.  Here is a picture of me now.  We will share the gender later this week!

In other news, poor Sally broke her leg yesterday.  Ironically, it was the same situation as Sophie.  She just slipped on a piece of fabric (a flag) on the floor and fell.  She didn't even hit anything around her.  I am glad (sort of) that we have experienced this before, b/c I am not sure if we would have taken her in except that she was acting just like Sophie did when she broke her leg.  We just didn't imagine she broke anything b/c her fall seemed so normal.  However, the doctor showed us the x-ray, calling it a "major break."  And it definitely looked worse than Sophie's break.  The fracture went all the way through the bone and was in a couple of places.  I am just heartbroken for her!  She had the worst night ever last night.  She didn't sleep more than 3 hrs. total b/c she kept crying in pain!  We were giving her tylenol, but the doctor hadn't prescribed anything for her.  I was getting really mad at that doctor as the night went on!  I mean, who doesn't prescribe something stronger just in case it is needed?  Especially for a 2 year old!  We called back today and got her some tylenol with codeine, and it seems to be working better.  She keeps wanting to get down from the chair or couch, but then cries sadly, "I can't walk!"   It is so sad.  I can't believe this happened to both girls.  Sophie back in November, and now Sally!  What are the chances!?  Please keep her in your prayers over the next few days.

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