Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sally: Sweet, Sassy, Silly, and Spirited (an 18 month post)

Just so happens that the four words I thought of that most adequately describe Sally right now all begin with "S"!  This post is a little late (She is currently 19 months).  She has such a big personality these days.  I think the best way to describe her is by telling you a few things I have found her doing lately:

-She is a TALKER.  She can communicate almost anything, and is putting together sentences.  She says, "I need help" if she needs help,  "I play in the water" if she wants to swim,  "See Dada" if she is missing her dad, "Go outside!" "I want _____" "Watch a show," "Eat crackers," "Put it on," "Take it off," "Jump on the bed," "Go peepee in the potty," "Gimme that," "Go away mommy," And a million other things.  I think she picks it all up from Sophie, whose talking is finally taking off.
typical Sally face

-She loves to dance.  Anytime she hears music (especially if it is rap music), she starts bouncing up and down and waving from side to side.  Her current favorite song is the gummy bear song.  If you have kids, wait until they aren't around to listen, or they will be hooked!

Walking to the park with my mom.

-She is very caring and empathetic.  Today, Sophie got hurt, and Sally came over and started patting her, saying, "I'm sorry, Sophie."  Then she would look up at me in distress and say, "Sophie crying!" Finally, she leaned in to give Sophie a hug.  She does this all the time.  Melts my heart.
She is giving Sophie a hug, and Sophie is resisting.

-She is brave!  She has no fear of new things or people.  When we took the girls to the pool at the Y, Sally was the first one to go down the toddler slide, and even though her head went underwater, she was right back at it as soon as she got up.  Sophie on the other hand, took 45 minutes of convincing before she would even go up the stairs.

She just had to climb on the big kids' equipment with all the older kids.
She loves to slide or "tobogan" in Spanish.
-She loves to read.  She comes up to me about a million times a day with a book in hand and says, "It's a sit with me" (a phrase she learned from Sophie), when she wants to be read to.  I almost always do sit and read with her because I can't resist her sweet little earnest request!

 -She is so happy and always smiling.   The moment she wakes up in the morning or from a nap, she is in a good mood and ready to start playing!  She loves to smile for the camera or at new people.

-She is a big girl!  She is 33 1/2 inches tall (87th percentile) and 29 1/2 pounds (94th percentile).  A good reason for this is that she is a great eater!  She will eat almost anything you put in front of her.  She LOVES peas and broccoli.  Funny girl :)

Sally sharing a snack with her Aunt Betsy
-Her favorite activity is probably swimming.  Almost daily she asks to play in the water, and it is hard to get her out.  She goes up to the glass door and looks outside, then up at me, and asks with big earnest eyes and a half-frown "I play in the water?"

"Mommy, I play in the water!"
She can't get enough!
-She is a little bit of a trouble maker!  She doesn't mind completely ignoring what I say, and will even do things I tell her not to with a smile, just to get a reaction.  
This is her right before she tried to kiss the camera.

She is such a fun little girl.  I am so glad we have two kids, because they show us how different kids can be even when they grow up in the same household.  I just love her to death!

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  1. She has captured my heart! What a precious little girl! Thanks for documenting this so we don't forget all her sweet little ways.