Friday, March 15, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 13 weeks

I just finished typing this post, and then it somehow got deleted!  So frustrating!  I don't want to re-type everything, so here is a quick summary:

Everything is still going well.  The nausea has stopped, but the fatigue is worse than ever.  I rarely feel like I have the energy or motivation to clean or cook or anything.  Thankfully, the weather is nice right now, so I have taken the girls outside on a walk and to the playground the past few days.  I can't wait for all the winter weather to be done and gone!  I have been craving red meat, fruit (especially citrus.  I can eat lemons by themselves), salads, and dairy.  I also get the occasional craving for something strange- like nachos from taco bell.   Two weeks ago, I had gained 2 lbs.  I have no idea how much I will gain total.  I asked my doctor what to expect.  He said that since I gained 30-35 lbs. my last pregnancy, that it would be great if I gained around 40 lbs. or even fewer this time.  I guess he is not real big on lots of weight gain!  I had read somewhere that, for an ideal twin pregnancy, you should gain 26 lbs. in the first 26 weeks.  He did not really agree with this idea though, saying I should try to keep the weight gain down right now since it will come on a lot more quickly later.  I guess he just says this since some people take pregnancy as a license to eat whatever they want whenever they want.  I wish he would seem a little more laid back about this topic, but oh well.  He is a great doctor, and I am thankful to have him care for me during this pregnancy.

I wanted to post some ultrasound pictures and one of me and the growing belly.  I didn't really post pictures like this the last few pregnancies.  I wanted to document it a little more this time, especially since it is twins.  It will be funny to compare my size this time around to old pictures of me at the same gestation.

These are the inner membranes that encase the babies.  There is a small divider between the two of them which will remain there the entire pregnancy.  The outer membrane, though, is one and the same, which makes it easy to tell (if you are a doctor) they are identical.

The two littles at 9 weeks.
The two littles at 11 weeks.  This picture looks kind of funny, but you can tell they are growing!

Baby #1 at 11 weeks.  Head on far left.  You can see a little hand close to the face.  Do they suck their thumbs at this point?

Baby #2 at 11 weeks.  It is easier to see the facial profile here.  You can see a little foot sticking up on the far left.
Me at 13 weeks.  Taking pictures of yourself is always a challenge.  Do you smile or not?  If you do, it looks wierd because you are smiling to the side.  Anyway, you can see a little pooch there!  Although, I think it was already kind of there before I was even pregnant. 


  1. WOW. those little goobers ARE growing! so much change in size from 9-11 weeks! How sweet to see those two little bubble membranes side-by-side. How fun it will be to have a soul-mate for life from the very first moment. I love the profile photo! and the tiny little foot in the background! So precious! Can't wait to see who they are! Even identical twins can have very different personalities. : ) Just take it easy and sleep as much as you can. Daddy & I can help you get caught up on housework and home-improvement kinds of things when we come. Maybe you'll get some energy back in your 2nd trimester. Such a cute little mama! Take good care of yourself, so you can give good care to your sweet husband and daughters! LOVE YOU! Mama

  2. I just can't believe it!! I'm so glad you are not sick - and hopefully the tiredness will start to lessen up too. You're body is working extra hard this time around. :) Try not to worry yourself about the weight. You were perfectly healthy with the last two pregnancies. How much did Sally weigh? You crack me up with the smiling comment. Lol, I vote for a smile, even if it's a weird half side smile.

  3. Oh girl with one baby, I feel I was bigger than you at 13 weeks! You are looking good! And yeah I gained 40 lbs last time, and I wouldn't be surprised from talking to friends and my mom if that's my average every pregnancy. I'd love to be under this time, but the fact that you pop out faster with the second baby (or at least I have) is making me not as hopeful about that. I will say that I've heard with twins that if you carry to term, you should expect to gain in the 40's.